This is an illustrative framework I've made in collaboration with the Copenhagen-based visual artist Selini Halvadaki, for my new album “Aldrig mere vinter”.

      Remember to turn on the audio. Enjoy!



      About the album

      For this album I've wanted to create a visual dimension, so I've decided to make this video, for the whole album. Working with Selini Halvadaki was an obvious choice. As her work normally circles around moving images by using non-linear strategies to re-edit and combine moving images.

      As the world changed a lot since lockdown and the live music scene is not going to be the same, for who knows how long. I've chosen to create this online version of the album.

      With the title “Aldrig mere vinter” – no more winter – the album both soundtracks my childhood memories of hoping for endless summer as well as eulogizing the winter season that seems to succumb to the change in climate.

      After many years, experimenting with various synthesizers, sequencers and all kinds of gear – I've chosen to return to where it all began. The 4-track cassette recorder. Working with tape loops makes me focus on the things I enjoy the most, the melody and the repetition.


      Written and produced by Bjarke M. Rasmussen. Recorded at Blågårds Kirke by Jesper Bagger Hviid. Mixed by Jon Marius Brogaard. Mastered by Lawrence English. Graphic design by Thomas Høedholt

      Infinite Waves, 2020

      Get the album here – digital download available here